Straight from the torrential love HO

Typhoon comes from the old, and it was weird but it kinda excited that.

And excited about such a situation or a day off school, don’t even stay home, I think.

Get so excited by more different now though.

, Of course with that naughty–www

, But to feel like something we kid pretty powerful becoming more a recent typhoon.

Wait for exciting and so the Typhoon… what circumstances afford no emanates.

Wind wind speed over 50 meters and-Bibi and I hear will fall from trees, and come-and what also is quite common, so downright scary as long as.

Or Japan even hotter, it’s abnormal weather in it might be.

Recently, such talk and Ueno del hell Miss E-Chan (22 years old).

Nomination for the third time in this, she first entered shop three months Rookie, but I was very friendly.

Pace coming once a month.

OL the normal last year, so she had japanese girls.

Apparently was pretty torrential.

And superiors in the torrential ZB wet, still ended up doing direct to love HO… I had heard saga.

Speaking, heavy rains of last year really was amazing right?.

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